Scoring pure glaciation, the noise of absent values, ice and wintriness thats what hyems stands for.

Through the trials and tribulations of teenage angst DM and AEJ created 1997 an image of a band which should transfer their inner anger and disillusion into noise. The idea of hiems was born. Driven by the enthusiasm of the black metal wave all over Europe back then they were able to find combatants. The first real line-up was formed 2000.

After different demo recordings and style experiments hiems signed 2007 their first record deal with restrain records to publish ANTINOMIE. Forced to change their name due to legal reasons they swaped the i into y.

Years later after several victories, defeats and losses hyems is ready to touch-and-go for a last time. Free from encumbrances and remembering the reasons for creating this band hyems is playing fucking black metal once again beyond trends, hypes and vanity.

In July 2013 the EP "Im Jetzt die Asche" was released.

At the beginning of 2015 hyems signs at Bret Hard Records und works on a new full length album.


J.K. - drums

D.M. - guitars

A.E.J. - vocals

F.B. - bass

D.W. - guitars